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Using a site builder is a great way to create a website, especially if you have little or no HTML knowledge. However, there are some serious considerations to be made before getting started. There are two main types of site builders, those that are online and programs. A website builder program may look like a good option at first, but upon careful consideration you will easily see that online applications are much better.First, when you use a website builder program you must pay for the program initially. While some programs are very cheap or even free, these programs are not very easy to use. They also do not have many templates to choose from, and they do not have many features. The better programs will have lots of features and templates, including shopping cart features and forms. These programs can cost hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, online applications generally cost around twenty-five dollars per month for the best ones, making it much more affordable short-term.Another thing to consider is that when you use a website builder program you must find hosting for your site. Depending on the features of your program, there may be one or several ways to upload your site to the net. However, you must find hosting that allows you to upload your site in the method that your program allows for. This can be difficult or even expensive. The important thing to remember is that when you use an online application, hosting is generally included in the cost of the site builder. This makes everything nice and easy, as well as cost-effective.You should also consider when using a website builder program that you may not be able to easily update the site once you have built it. Only the best programs will make it easy to update and upload one or a few pages rather than the entire website. In addition, the website builder program may not allow you to alter the HTML code for the pages. This means that you will be limited to the features and templates available within the program. On the other hand, online applications are easy to update and go live as soon as you save your changes. They also offer the ability to alter the HTML code in a WYSWYG editor that allows you to copy and paste code from other resources to include features on your site that are not offered by the site builder.Overall, website builder programs can be helpful, and they can even be cost-effective if you look at long-term solutions. However, with all of the pitfalls that can occur when you use such software, most people who consider carefully will choose the online application.

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Conference calling is becoming a popular mode of communication these days and for good reason. Conference calling programs provide a wide range of benefits for individuals in business and for those who use them for personal communication as well. And the actual use of most programs is rather simple as well. So you are probably wondering by now where the mystery comes in.There are a few things you may not know about conferencing programs that may be beneficial to know. You can make the most out of your time, money, and efforts if you know all there is to know about the programs you use for communication, regardless of who you are communicating with. In fact, you may find you are not using the conference calling program you should be or really want to be using.• Not All Conferencing Programs Are Created Equal – It is important to realize not all conference call programs are created equal in the sense they offer a different variety of features. From video to hold options, the differences can be significant. It is important to determine what you want out of your conference calling program based on what you are going to use the program for. So it may be beneficial to make a list of the things you expect.• Different Conferencing Programs Allow Different Numbers of Callers – The number of callers you generally expect to be involved in your conferences is also something to consider prior to choosing a conferencing program. This is because different programs may allow different numbers of callers, and you do not want to be stuck with a program that does not meet your needs. Be sure to shop around for the program that allows the number of callers you need.• Conferencing Programs Can Also Include Video – Video conferencing is a great way to really get a feel for what the individuals you are conferencing with are thinking and feeling. If you want to be able to get a better feel for how a meeting is going, you may want to choose a program that will allow you to use video as well as voice options.• Not All Conferencing Programs Require Money Out of Your Pocket – The most important thing to know about conferencing programs is you may not have to pay for one. Many free conference call programs are available online, and most only take a few minutes to download. And the best part is the free programs are not of any less quality than the programs you pay for.Knowing important information about conference calling means making the right decision about a conference calling program. And choosing the right conferencing program means having a useful tool to use in a variety of situations both in your professional and personal life.

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Compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is required of a business involved in manufacturing of defense articles, ITAR technical data or defense services. These defense related articles and services are not limited to-Item of significant military or intelligence applicability
-Any modification for a military or defense purpose, no matter how minor, is sufficient for an article to be considered a “defense article”
-Any item or technical data designated in the United States Munitions List
-Technical data can include: Information which is required for the design development, production, manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance or modification of defense articlesThis costly program is required by law and businesses without sufficient knowledge on ITAR compliance may risk to heavy fines or criminal penalties for non-compliance which can result in loss/damage in business relations.Different areas need to be addressed to put ITAR compliance in effect. They are given below.I. Corporate Commitment
Corporate commitment to meeting and maintaining all ITAR guidelines should be clearly identified in the ITAR compliant program. The program should include person(s) responsible for overseeing ITAR compliance program, senior company management’s directive describing the company commitment to ITAR compliance and duties and authorities for key persons who maintain ITAR requirements.II. Document control program
Identification, receipt and tracking, access, communication and disposal to inside/outside sources of ITAR controlled information /products should be addressed in the document control Program.III. Human Resource program
The compliance program should address hiring and training practices, controls over hiring (US Citizens vs. foreign nationals), citizenship verification, training on specific ITAR guidelines and employee responsibilities relating to ITAR controlled items.IV. Internal Audit program
Internal audit needs to be established once ITAR program is developed to maintain compliance and effectiveness of the program. Auditor training, results from internal audits, yearly audit schedule, corrective actions taken to correct violations should be maintained.V. Vendor Control program
It is important that all supplier/subcontractors involved in ITAR controlled items understand their responsibility in terms of access, transmission and documentation of ITAR related items. The compliance program should address how the above is controlled.VI. Work Environment control program
The program should address controls over visitors/subcontractors who may have access to controlled items, secured access points to your facility, controls over recording devices (i.e. cell phones, cameras) and secured storage areas for controlled items.VII. Record Maintenance program
Retention periods, secured storage areas, controls and back-ups for electronic records and storage of records on personal computers related to ITAR items should be addressed in the record maintenance program.